In the event you as a customer has a roadside emergency, within just a few minutes a highly trained, uniformed, friendly Auto Aide driver in a clean, state of the art tow truck or flat bed carrier will respond. When you are locked out, or have a dead battery, the car won't start or is experiencing any of the many problems that often occur, Auto Aide is there to get you back on the road quickly, efficiently and safely. Emergency Towing & Transport. If however the situation demands, Auto Aide's extensive towing and trasnsport fleet skilled, experienced drivers will assure your vehicle and you in mind, are transported quickly and efficiently where and when you designate, with a maximum of care and a minimum of inconvenience. Adjusting Inventory and Car Swapping, Auto Aide responds quickly and efficiently to transport your vehicles safely when and where you need them. Auto Aide can do single car delivery, two car swap or drops at different locations. Auto Aide does whatever it takes to assure you as a customers satisfaction and save time and money. Our extensive fleet permits using the most cost effective truck and corresponding rate to fit your situation.




Heavy Duty Towing